Working Papers

Redefining Protectionism: The New Challenge in the Digital Age

by Susan Ariel Aaronson (George Washington University) IIEP Working Paper 2016-30 Twenty-first century protectionism is a slippery concept. With the introduction of digital trade, it is important for scholars and policymakers to rethink how they define, measure, and...

Uncertainty and Trade Elasticities

March 2017 by Olga A. Timoshenko (George Washington University) & Erick Sager (Bureau of Labor Statistics) IIEP Working Paper 2017-8  

Travel Time Use Over Five Decades

by Chao Wei (George Washington University) & Chen Song (University of International Business and Economics) IIEP Working Paper 2016-24

A State-Level Analysis of Okun’s Law

September 2015 by Amy Guisinger (George Washington University), Ruben Hernandez-Murillo (Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland), Michael Owyang (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis), and Tara Sinclair (George Washington University) IIEP Working Paper...

Firm Learning and Growth

February 2015 by Costas Arkolakis (Yale University), Theodore Papageorgiou (NBER McGill University), and Olga Timoshenko (The George Washington University) IIEP Working Paper...

Designing Experiments to Measure Spillover Effects

February 2014 by Sarah Baird (George Washington University), J. Aislinn Bohren (University of Pennsylvania), Craig McIntosh (University of California, San Diego) and Berk Ozler (World Bank and University of Otago) IIEP Working Paper...

Okun’s Law in Real Time

January 2014 by Tara M. Sinclair (The George Washington University) and Amy Y. Guisinger (The George Washington University) IIEP Working Paper 2014-5

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