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Forthcoming and Published Papers

”The Heterogenous Impacts of HIV Testing,” with Erick Gong, Craig McIntosh, and Berk O¨zler. Journal of Health Economics, 2014, Vol. 37, pp. 98-112.

”Growing Partnerships: Leveraging the power of collaboration through the Medical Education Partnership Initiative,” with E. Oluwabunmi Olapade-Olaopa, Elsie Kiguli-Malwadde, and Joseph C. Kolars. Academic Medicine, 2014, Vol. 89(8)/August Supplement, pp. S19-S23.

”Evolution of a Multi-University Monitoring and Evaluation Technical Working Group,” with Francis J. Njiri, Mara J. Child, Gabrielle OMalley, Vincent Ojoome, Luke D. Davies, and James Kiarie. Academic Medicine, 2014, Vol. 89(8)/August Supplement, pp. S110.

”Physician Tracking in Sub-Saharan Africa: Current Initiatives and Opportunities,” with Candice Chen, Katumba Ssentongo, Sinit Mehtsun, E. Oluwabunmi Olapade-Olaopa, Jim Scott, Nelson Sewankambo, Zohray Talib, Melissa Ward-Peterson, Damen Haile Mariam, and Paschalis Rugarabamu. Human Resources for Health, 2014, Vol. 12(21).

Conditional, Unconditional and Everything in Between: A Systematic Review of the Effects of Cash Transfer Programs on Schooling Outcomes, with Francisco Ferreira, Berk O¨zler, and Michael Woolcock. Journal of Development Effectiveness, 2014, Vol. 6(1), pp. 1-43.

”The Regressive Demands of Demand Driven Development,” with Craig McIntosh and Berk O¨zler. Journal of Public Economics, 2013, Vol. 106, pp. 27-41.

”Relative effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of conditional and unconditional cash transfers for schooling outcomes in developing countries: a systematic review” with Francisco Ferreira, Berk O¨zler, and Michael Woolcock. Campbell Systematic Reviews, 2013:8, DOI: 10.4073/csr.2013.8.

”Income Shocks and Adolescent Mental Health,” with Jacobus Joost de Hoop and Berk O¨zler. Journal of Human Resources, 2013, Vol. 48(2), pp. 370-403.

”Examining the Reliability of Self-Reported Data on School Participation,” with Berk O¨zler. Journal of Development Economics, 2012, Vol. 98(1), pp. 89-93.

”Impact of a cash transfer program for schooling on prevalence of HIV and HSV-2 in Malawi: a cluster randomized trial”, with Richard Garfein, Craig McIntosh and Berk O¨zler. The Lancet, 2012, Vol. 379(9823), pp. 1320-1329.

”Cash or Condition: Evidence from a Randomized Cash Transfer Program,” with Craig McIntosh and Berk O¨zler. Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2011, Vol. 126(4), pp. 1709-1753.

”Aggregate Income Shocks and Infant Mortality in the Developing World,” with Jed Friedman and Norbert Schady. Review of Economics and Statistics, 2011, Vol. 93(3), pp. 847-856.

”The Short Term Impacts of a Schooling Conditional Cash Transfer Program on the Sexual Behavior of Young Women”, with Ephraim Chirwa, Craig McIntosh and Berk O¨zler. Health Economics, 2010, Vol. 19(S1), pp. 55-68.

”Scoring Corporate Environmental and Sustainability Reports Using GRI 2000, ISO 14031 and Other Criteria”, with Emil J Morhardt and Kelly Freeman. Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, 2002, Vol. 9(4), pp. 215-233.

Chapters in Edited Volumes and Other Publications

”Girl Power: Cash Transfers and Adolescent Welfare. Evidence from a Cluster-Randomized Experiment in Malawi”, in S. Edwards, S. Johnson, D. Weil (editors), NBER Volume on African Economic Successes, University of Chicago Press, 2014, forthcoming. NBER Working Paper 19479. (with Ephraim Chirwa, Jacobus de Hoop and Berk O¨zler)

”Transactional Sex in Malawi”, in S. Cunningham and M. Shah (editors), Handbook of the Economics of Prostitution, Oxford University Press, forthcoming. (with Berk O¨zler)

”Cash transfer scheme for reducing HIV and herpes simplex type 2 Authors’ reply”, with Richard Garfein, Craig McIntosh and Berk O¨zler. The Lancet, Vol. 380(9844), 2012, pp. 802.

”Shocks, Health and Nutrition during Early Childhood,” in M. Lundberg and A. Wuermli (editors), Children and Youth in Crisis: Protecting and Promoting Human Development in Times of Economic Shocks, World Bank, 2012. (with Kathleen Beegle and Jed Friedman)

”Economic Crisis and Adolescent Mental Health,” in M. Lundberg and A. Wuermli (editors), Children and Youth in Crisis: Protecting and Promoting Human Development in Times of Economic Shocks, World Bank, 2012. (with Kathleen Beegle and Jed Friedman)

Manuscripts Under Review and Working Paper

”Worms at Work: Public Finance Implications of a Child Health Investment,” with Joan Hamory Hicks, Michael Kremer and Edward Miguel. Under Review. August 2014.

”Designing Experiments to Measure Spillover Effects,” with Aislinn Bohren, Craig McIntosh, and Berk O¨zler. University of Pennsylvania PIER Working Paper No. 14-006; World Bank Policy Research Working Paper No. 6824; Under Review. February, 2014.

Conditional Cash Transfers: influence on marriage and fertility, submitted to The International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences, 2nd Edition. May 2013. (with Berk O¨zler)

”Lessons From the Field: Tracking, Attrition and Data Quality in the Kenya Life Panel Survey Round 1 (KLPS-1)”, with Joan Hamory and Edward Miguel. CIDER Working Paper, UC Berkeley, 2008.

Work in Progress

”Climate Variability and Infant Mortality in Africa,” with Jed Friedman and Marc Smitz. ”Determinants of Infant Survival: Revisiting the Role of Maternal Education,” with Jed Friedman and Ellen Umapathi.

”Combining a structural model and a randomized experiment in Malawi to study policy impacts of conditional and unconditional cash transfer programs,” with Berk O¨zler, Gil Shapira, and Petra Todd.

”Investing at the Bottom of the Pyramid: Experimental Evidence on Business Activity and Group Cohesion from Tanzania,” with Craig McIntosh, Berk O¨zler and Jedrzej Zieleniak.

”Using Cash Transfers to Fight HIV among Adolescent Girls: Exploring Causal Pathways with a Randomized Experiment” with Craig McIntosh and Berk O¨zler.

”HIV prevention among young women in sub-Saharan Africa: statistical and epidemiological modeling to unite biological, sociological, behavioral and epidemiological science,” with Roxanne Beauclair, Wim Delva, Berk O¨zler, and Craig McIntosh

”Cost-effectiveness of a point of care test for sepsis among patients with febrile illness in low resource settings,” with John Crump and Erin Penno.

”Cost effectiveness of surveillance for bloodstream infections for sepsis management in low resource settings,” with John Crump and Erin Penno.

Permanent Working Papers

”Designing Cost-Effective Cash Transfer Programs to Boost Schooling in Sub-Saharan Africa,” with Craig McIntosh and Berk O¨zler. World Bank Research Working Paper5090. October 2009.

Sarah Baird

Primary Research Fields:Development Economics, Program Design and Evaluation, Applied Microeconomics, Health Economics

Department of Global Health

Institute for International Economic Policy


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