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The Euro’s Three CrisesBrookings Papers on Economic Activity, Spring 2012, pp 157–211.

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Date Title and Author
Feb 2004 The Effect of Fixed Exchange Rates on Monetary Policy, Quarterly Journal of Economics vol. 119 no.1, February 2004, p. 301-352.
2004 Monetary Sovereignty, Exchange Rates, and Capital Controls: The Trilemma in the Interwar Period, IMF Staff Papers – Volume 51 special issue 2004, pp 75-108. (with Maurice Obstfeld and Alan M. Taylor)
Aug 2005 The Trilemma in History: Tradeoffs among Exchange Rates, Monetary Policies, and Capital Mobility , Review of Economics and Statistics – vol 87, issue 3 – August 2005, pp. 423-38. (with Maurice Obstfeld and Alan M. Taylor)
Oct 2006 An Experiment with Multiple Currencies: The American Monetary System From 1838-60, Explorations in Economic History – vol 43, October 2006, 609-45.
Dec 2006 Fixed Exchange Rates and Trade, Journal of International Economics – vol. 70, December 2006, pp. 359-83 [also NBER Working Paper no. 10696] (with Michael Klein)
June 2008 A New Look at Pass-through, Journal of International Money and Finance – Volume 27, Issue 4, Pages 560-591 (June 2008)
2008 The Impact of Foreign Interest Rates on the Economy: The Role of the Exchange Rate Regime, Journal of International Economics – vol. 74, 2008, 341-61 [available as IIIS Discussion Paper no. 116 or IMF Working Paper 06/37] (with Julian di Giovanni)
May 2008 The Dynamics of Exchange Rate Regimes: Fixes, Floats, and Flips, Journal of International Economics – Volume 75, Issue 1, Pages 70-92 (May 2008) [previous version (The Nature of Exchange Rate Regimes) available as NBER Working Paper no. 12729] (with Michael Klein)
2008 Financial Instability, Reserves, and Central Bank Swap Lines in the Panic of 2008, American Economic Review (Papers and Proceedings), May 2009 [available as NBER Working Paper no. 14826] (with Maurice Obstfeld and Alan M. Taylor)
March 2010 Financial Exchange Rates and International Currency Exposures, American Economic Review – vol 100, no. 1, March 2010, pp. 518-540 [Available as NBER Working Paper no. 13433] (with Philip Lane)
April 2010 Financial Stability, the Trilemma, and International Reserves, American Economic Association Journal – Macroeconomics vol. 2, no. 2, April 2010, pp. 57-94. [available as NBER Working Paper no. 14127] (with Alan Taylor and Maury Obstfeld)
January 2010 The Long or Short of it: Determinants of Foreign Currency Exposure in External Balance Sheets, Journal of International Economics vol. 80, issue 1, pp. 33-44, January 2010 [available as NBER Working Paper no. 14909] (with Philip Lane)
May 2012 Global Savings and Global Investment: The Transmission of Identified Fiscal Shocks, American Economic Association Journal – Economic Policy, vol. 4(2), pages 95-114, May 2012 [Available as NBER Working Paper no. 15113] (with James Feyrer)
Spring 2012 The Euro’s Three Crises, Brookings Papers on Economic Activity Spring 2012, pp 157-211.

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Stephen C. Smith

Expertise: macroeconomics, international economics, competition policy, energy and environment policy, housing, finance, technology

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