Elliott School Online Economics Assessment

 Online Economics Assessment

IIEP offers free online assessments for Elliott School masters students that gauge current knowledge of introductory economics. The Elliott School Admissions Office will alert those students who are required to complete one or both of these assessments.

  • One assessment is for microeconomics principles and the other is for macroeconomics principles.
  • Please click here for frequently asked questions about the assessment.
  • For step-by-step instructions about signing up and starting the assessments, click here.

These assessments are intended for incoming Elliott School students who already have completed an introductory micro- and/or introductory macroeconomics course. These assessments are particularly appropriate for those students who will take either Econ 6280 (Survey of International Economics) or Econ 6250 (Survey of Development Economics). 

The results of these assessments will NOT affect a student’s admission status.

Participants will receive a recommendation for further study immediately after submitting answers for each assessment, including possible participation in IIEP’s online economics programs.

When you are ready to take the assessment:

This assessment is run through “coursites.com”. Students will be able to access either the micro- or macroeconomics assessment after creating a user name and password by clicking here.

  • Note that each assessment is multiple-choice and lasts one hour.
  • Each assessment must be completed once started.
  • Be sure that you will not be interrupted once you begin.

Preparation for the assessment

We suggest that students review basic micro- and macroeconomics subjects before taking the respective assessment, especially if it has been some time since relevant courses were completed.Topics covered in the assessments evaluation for microeconomics principles can be found here. The analog for macroeconomics is available here. Reviewing beforehand will provide a more reliable outcome of student knowledge.


Participants are free to complete the assessments during either (or both) of the following time windows. 

  • The first version of both the micro- and macroeconomics assessments will be available from March 8 through April 30.
  • A second version will be available from May 1 through June 1.

Students may only take one version of the assessment in each time frame. For example, a student could take micro between March 8 and April 30 but would be required to wait until May 1 to take micro a second time.

One approach is to take an assessment in the initial time window, review the relevant material if necessary, and then take it a second time to gauge improvement.  However, there is no requirement to take either assessment a second time.

Student reviews:

“Without question, the lessons and material prepared me for international economics…I would certainly recommend to all future Elliott Students.”  

“Overall the program was very well done… I was able to easily adapt the course to my schedule and encountered no issues with taking the course while in China.”

“The program was easy to access, helpful in learning the material, and most convenient for incoming Elliott students. I liked the videos because I could pause and replay certain sections that I had trouble understanding.”

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