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Joseph Pelzman

Professor of Economics, International Affairs and Law

I arrived at George Washington University in September 1980, after completing a year as a Brookings Economic Policy Fellow. During that year, I worked on the Tokyo Round tariff cutting exercise and along with my Bureau of International Affairs (US DOL) colleagues wrote the Report on US Competitiveness. My research has expanded from a focus on US international trade issues, to issues of the gaming prospects in international trade law disputes and the lack of enforceable WTO dispute resolution measures, to the Economics of the MENA region to enforcement issues of surrogacy contracts. My book on the Economics of the Middle East and North Africa was published in September, 2011. Download some of my journal articles and working papers via RePEc. View my recent summary article on the Trans Pacific Partnership.

Joseph Pelzman

Expertise: International Trade and Finance; International Trade Law; Economics of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Law and Economics and Economies in Transition

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